Maximizing Curb Appeal

A lush, green lawn is an implied indicator of the overall level of property maintenance and quality of home construction within any residential community. Typically, beautiful homes are complemented by beautiful lawns.

Tired, neglected lawns diminish the value of any property. Not just for residents who take pride in their homes but for sellers, buyers and renters. Poor lawn quality reduces selling price and resale value and discourages prospective purchasers.

Start to Finish (Brown to Green)

We install new lawns and bring thin or damaged lawns back to life. We provide site preparation, soil installation, grading, hydro-seeding, power-seeding and sod installation.

Only by evaluating soil conditions, watering practices, and amount of available sunlight in lawn areas can we select the right approach for your lawn installation or renovation project.

Installation Options


Best for new lawn installations on bare earth areas where the existing grade, soil depth and soil quality are satisfactory. For new construction sites or uneven terrain, we provide site preparation including sub-grading for proper drainage, installation of screened topsoil, and finished grading.


Over-seeding is often the best option for thin, damaged, or spotty areas in existing lawns where the grade and soil depth are satisfactory. Following core aeration, your entire lawn or specific problem areas will be power-seeded with a premium-quality grass seed blend which is appropriate for your site conditions. Thinner areas will receive heavier seed applications.

Sod Installation

You’ll get instant results with bluegrass sod. Sod can be installed at any time during the growing season. Please note that sod will not thrive without consistent watering, sufficient sunlight, and ongoing maintenance. Sod is not recommended for shady or non-irrigated sites.

Committed to Results

Growing a healthy, green lawn from seed won’t happen overnight. It takes time for a newly-seeded lawn to develop into a dense stand of turf grass.

With sufficient watering, proper mowing and continuing maintenance, we warranty our work. We’ll follow up after seeding or sod installation to ensure your satisfaction.

So that your new lawn continues to thrive, learn about our ECO-SMART Lawn Care Program.

"When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results."
Ken Blanchard
2014-10-14, 20:14


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