What is Your Budget?

This is the Big “B” question nobody wants to answer. As with any purchase, it’s the most critical decision point. Knowing what you want to spend is essential so we can provide you with appropriate recommendations.

We always adhere to established budgets. Not determining a budget up-front will potentially waste your time and ours.

Budget Guidelines

Each project and property is unique. Cost is determined by the scope of work required. Budget ranges shown below offer guidelines for various types of projects.

  • Landscaping-Small to Medium Area $3,500-$5,000
  • Landscaping-Medium to Large Area $5,000-$20,000
  • Walkways-Short to Medium Length $2,800-$4,800
  • Patios-Paver and Natural Stone $4,000-$15,000
  • Irrigation Systems-Average to Medium Size Lawn $3,500-$5,000
  • Full Season Maintenance-All Services Starting at $3,000

*Full Season Maintenance: Spring cleanup, edging, mulching, weed control, lawn care program, lawn mowing, pruning, tree and shrub fertilization, irrigation services, fall cleanup.

Cost Variables

As with any construction project, costs vary significantly according to scope of work and property size.

It’s helpful to know if you need a new landscape or want to renovate an existing landscape. Variables such as total square footage of landscape and/or hardscape area(s), choice of plants and materials, and the extent of excavation, grading, lawn installation or restoration determine overall cost.

Design Services

Design decisions are part of every project estimate whether or not a formal plan is put on paper. For large, complex projects we may determine that a plan or photo rendering is essential to convey a design concept. For most small projects, we often say that 'we prefer to put your landscaping dollars in the ground rather than on paper.'

While there is no charge for estimates, there is a fee for design services. If you require a landscape plan, we will provide an estimate for your approval prior to proceeding with any design work. Please note that we offer design services only for projects which we install.

More Value than any Other Landscaping Company

We’re serious about doing great work for quality-conscious clients.

We know only one way to install your landscaping projects. The Right Way!

We’re confident that "No other landscape company will apply as much expertise, effort and emphasis on doing the right thing for you."


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