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Premium Quality Bark Mulch Provides a Professional Touch

Mulch keeps your property looking great and benefits your landscape plants because it:

  • Minimizes water evaporation from the soil.
  • Maintains a more consistent soil temperature.
  • Reduces weed growth.
  • Adds valuable organic matter to the soil as it decomposes.

Our mulches are stockpiled and loaded from a clean, paved surface so they will be free of contaminating debris. You won't find large shaggy pieces of bark, recycled wood products, or other surprises mixed in our mulch. Mulch is naturally resistant to insects and does not require any treatment.

A sample of deluxe hemlock mix bark mulch.

Deluxe Hemlock Mix Bark Mulch

Rich, natural looking reddish-brown tones provide a distinct contrast between lawns and plantings.

*Morin's uses this mulch for the majority of our professional landscape installations and on commercial properties we maintain.

A sample of midnight black bark mulch.

Midnight Black Bark Mulch

The deep brown color of this mulch looks like freshly tilled earth. It is an excellent choice for perennial gardens or for natural and wooded landscape settings.

a sample of chocolate brown bark mulch.

Chocolate Brown Bark Mulch

The dark brown color of this fine-textured mulch greatly enhances a perennial garden or areas where a broad expanse of turf borders a landscape beds. Use this mulch in areas to draw more attention to plants and less attention to mulch.

Important Note: These descriptions and photos will allow you to compare the attributes and color of our mulches. These images can provide only an approximation of actual products because each computer or mobile device displays colors differently. To be sure you get the material you prefer, please stop by our Landscape Materials Center to see which materials will work best for your project.

"When you're out of quality you're out of business."
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