The term ECO-SMART denotes Morin’s approach to the practical implementation of sustainable landscaping principles which reduce undesirable environmental impact while retaining the beneficial aspects of professional landscape care.

Grow. Conserve. Save.

We apply cost-effective landscaping practices that conserve and protect water, land, plant, and wildlife resources; reduce chemical use; lower maintenance requirements; and save you money.

Landscaping Benefits

Healthy lawns and landscapes improve air quality, reduce carbon, filter dust and pollutants from rainwater, and mitigate temperature extremes that can help reduce cooling and heating costs.

Without water, proper fertilization, appropriate and well-timed control of diseases and insects, pruning, and periodic maintenance, your landscape will not thrive and deliver desirable ecological benefits.

Responsible Practices

Over-use and run-off of high-phosphorous fertilizers is becoming a serious problem especially with regard to the health of lakes and rivers.

With our ECO-SMART Lawn Care Programs, we are committed to the judicious use of low-phosphorous or no-phosphorus fertilizers.

We continue to integrate organic fertilizers and biological controls where they are effective, while limiting and selectively applying traditional products that are safe for people, pets, and the environment.

ECO-SMART Irrigation

Sufficient water is essential to sustain and grow healthy landscapes. Properly designed, installed, and programmed irrigation systems apply the precise amount of water required at the right time. Drip irrigation systems and improved irrigation heads distribute water more efficiently. New smart, weather-based controllers and in-ground sensors provide more precise control, conservation, and cost savings.

Our Sustainability Initiatives

  • Composting and re-use of organic debris (leaves, grass clippings, brush, etc.).
  • ECO-SMART Lawn Care Programs.
  • Recycling rather than bagging grass clippings wherever feasible.
  • Reducing herbicide and insecticide use though Integrated Pest Management.
  • Installing efficient, ECO-SMART irrigation components.
  • Converting to low emission power equipment.
  • Replacing fleet vehicles with more fuel-efficient models.
  • Re-engineering our facility and operation to reduce waste.
  • Effective routing of vehicles to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Continually evaluating and implementing sustainable products and practices.

Continuous Improvement

In practical terms, ECO-SMART means achieving a reasonable balance between an unattainable ideal and desirable results. Morin’s is committed to sustainable landscaping practices, recognizing that each incremental improvement is a beneficial step in a positive direction.

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."
Native American Saying
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