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Guaranteed Performance

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100% Reliability

Reliable performance during challenging winter storms demands more than a ‘can-do’ attitude.

For Morin's Snow & Ice Team, it's a 'must-do' mandate to do whatever it takes to keep companies open for business and to keep condominium and commercial properties safe and accessible for pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

Whether it snows a few inches, a couple of feet, or icy conditions are expected overnight, inconsistent service is not an option. Without fail, we keep access roads, parking lots, and walkways cleared and treated. 

Peace of Mind

Why trust time-critical snow removal operations to less experienced, understaffed, or poorly equipped contractors who are stretched too thin? The likely consequences are increased risk and liability.

There is a better choice. We have earned our professional credentials from decades of proven performance against the rigorous standards required by prestigious condominium communities, demanding property managers, and astute business owners.

Always Responsive

Our StormWatch team monitors ever-changing winter weather forecasts. Before every storm, we develop an action plan based on anticipated conditions. Our internal communication network enables us to mobilize quickly at any hour of the day or night, dispatching crews and equipment wherever they are needed. And we’re always available to accommodate special requests and to respond to unexpected circumstances which require immediate attention.

Always Prepared

Snow removal is serious business. We plan for snow operations throughout the year. Our extensive fleet of plow trucks, sanders, snowblowers, and heavy equipment is serviced months in advance to be fully prepared before winter arrives.

We stockpile a large inventory of de-icing materials in case shortages occur. To avoid service disruptions or downtime, mobile mechanics are on duty 24/7 during storms to repair equipment on site.

Always Conscientious

As landscape professionals, we also understand the adverse impact of improper plowing, snow removal, and use of ice control materials. Rest assured. We respect your property and are vigilant about protecting your landscape investment to avoid undue expense and frustration when spring arrives. 

We are a proud member of the snow and ice management association.

We are members of SIMA, the North American trade association for snow & ice industry professionals.

"Ability is a wonderful thing, but its value is greatly enhanced by dependability. Ability implies repeatability and accountability."
Robert A. Heinlein
2014-08-14, 11:44


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