Important Questions to Ask before Choosing Your Irrigation Company

How long have you been in business?

Morin's Landscaping, Inc. was established in 1978. Unlike many seasonal "Here Today...Gone Tomorrow" companies, we are a recognized regional leader in the landscape industry and continue to grow our business by developing long-term relationships with satisfied clients.

How much irrigation experience do you have?

Morin's Landscaping has been designing, installing, and servicing irrigation systems for over 3 decades. Top-quality irrigation systems are a natural extension of our commitment to excellence in our landscaping business. We believe that our irrigation systems are one of the most valuable investments that you can make to ensure the long-term health and beauty of your landscape.

Do you warranty your work?

From date of installation, Morin's Landscaping provides a written warranty that covers all irrigation products and workmanship for two years, including 100% of all materials and labor.

Do your irrigation systems meet compliance and safety standards?

Every Morin's irrigation system is properly designed and safely constructed in accordance with all current construction codes and safety standards. However, it is the extra precautions we take during installation that sets Morin's apart from our competitors.

  • All plumbing is backflow-prevented and installed by a licensed plumber to ensure compliance with local building codes.
  • Our systems use centralized, neatly constructed valve manifolds that are easy to access and service.
  • Although we use "direct-burial" electrical cable, ALL below-ground and above-ground wiring is placed inside conduit for extra protection during and after installation.

Are your installers experienced professionals?

Our irrigation specialists are full-time professionals who are continually trained on the latest design practices and irrigation technologies. They are not seasonal staff.

Do you carry liability and Workers Compensation Insurance?

Morin's Landscaping, Inc. has been fully insured since our business began. We will be happy to provide a certificate of insurance upon request.

Will my property be damaged during installation?

To minimize disturbance to existing lawns and plant beds, we use a "trenchless" pipe puller. However, disturbance to some areas during installation is unavoidable. As landscape professionals, we take great care to restore these areas. After a few weeks and 3 or 4 mowings, it will be difficult to tell that an irrigation system was recently installed.

Will someone need to be present during installation?

At some point during installation we will require access to water system controls for a period of 3-4 hours to make necessary backflow and water line connections. We will work with you to schedule this at a convenient time. After your installation is completed, we will provide instruction on the proper operation of your new system.

Which brand-name products will you be using?

We use only the highest quality products from the best manufacturers. In our opinion, no single manufacturer excels in all areas. By choosing the best individual system components from the appropriate source rather than relying on a single brand name product, allows us to build the best, most efficient irrigation system for your site requirements.

"Being trustworthy requires: Doing the right thing. And doing things right."
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