Keep Your Lawn Green and Healthy

Our ECO-SMART Lawn Care Program includes scheduled fertilization, continual lawn inspections; and timely weed and pest control applications. We use Integrated Pest Management techniques keep your lawn looking its best in an environmentally-responsible manner.

Program Highlights

  • Balanced, Slow-release Fertilization
  • Guaranteed Grub Control
  • Pre-emergent Crabgrass Control
  • Broadleaf Weed Control
  • Surface Insect Control
  • Nutsedge Control

Committed to Results

Our experienced lawn care technicians are responsible for the appearance and quality of your lawn. Throughout the year, your lawn will be monitored for signs of potential problems. Appropriate, timely actions will be taken to address insect and weed problems.

ECO-SMART Pest Control

By understanding nature's schedule, weather patterns, and the life cycles of insects and weeds, we take effective actions that target only specific problems or pests. Wherever possible, we are reducing our use of insect and weed control products and eliminating phosphorous in our fertilizer blends to conserve natural resources and to protect our environment.

Guaranteed Grub Control

Grub control is included in our seasonal program because grubs are such a persistent problem in our area. Instead of applying a blanket application of grub control to your entire property, our technicians will monitor your lawn for the presence of grubs during susceptible time periods. Using Integrated Pest Management, we will apply the most-effective, least-risk, preventative and/or curative controls which are appropriate for your specific site conditions.

Grub Control Guarantee: If you purchase our ECO-SMART Lawn Care Program for the entire season and your lawn sustains new grub damage, we will repair and seed any damaged areas at no charge.

Optional Lawn Care Services

Each season, we recommend only the services required to keep your lawn healthy and looking its best. Depending on the condition of your lawn and soil, these services may not be necessary every year. You may elect to have us perform any or all of these optional services.

Crabgrass II Control

Additional crabgrass preventer is applied to areas which are highly susceptible to infestation—lawn edges along walkways and paved surfaces. This service is recommended for superior control of crabgrass.

Core Aeration

In conjunction with fall fertilization, machine aeration is performed to relieve soil compaction, reduce thatch, and increase penetration of water and nutrients essential for healthy lawns.

Lime Application

Pelletized high-magnesium limestone is applied in the fall to supplement soil and reduce soil acidity to enable grass roots to absorb available nutrients.

A turf area of 50 ft. x 50 ft. can remove 26 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere - equivalent to 11,000 miles of car emissions.
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