Professional Pruning Protects Your Investment

Horticultural Expertise

Proper pruning is both art and science. Our knowledge of plant structure and biology, flowering cycles, enable us to apply a unique combination of technical skill and an artistic eye to keep your valuable ornamental trees and shrubs healthy and looking great.

Pruning for Appearance, Health, and Safety

  • Improved plant health and form.
  • Increased flowering and fruit production
  • Improved turf density by allowing more sunlight in shaded lawn areas.
  • Reduced potential for storm damage by clearing trees and vegetation along buildings and roof lines.
  • Enhanced appearance by pruning overgrown plants
  • Increased safety by removing weak limbs and encroaching branches.

Dormant Pruning

Winter is a perfect time to prune many dormant, deciduous trees. Pruning is performed to improve tree form, promote healthy growth, flowering, or fruiting and to repair winter damage in preparation for new spring growth.

Overall shape and branch structure are more evident when branches are bare. It’s easier to inspect for flaws and weaknesses. Eliminating weak or damaged branches improves the health of your trees and shrubs by allowing nutrients to be focused on new growth rather than on trying to repair damaged areas.

Timing is Critical

Pruning plants incorrectly or at the wrong time will adversely affect healthy growth and makes plants more vulnerable to diseases and insects. Improper pruning can also reduce the lifespan of a tree. Yearly pruning is beneficial for some trees and shrubs. Slower-growing trees can be pruned less frequently.

It’s important to remember that pruning can’t work miracles. Don’t wait until your landscape is overgrown and plants have become ‘leggy’. Most often, this type of long-term, uncontrolled growth cannot be pruned effectively.

"The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit."
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