Tree, Shrub, and Plant Care

Protect Your Landscape Investment

Keeping landscape plants healthy and looking great requires regular care and adherence to horticultural best practices. Regular fertilization helps plants (especially young plants) grow at optimum rates. Healthy trees and plants are also more naturally resistant to insects and disease.

As part of our Residential Maintenance Program, our licensed Arbor Care specialists will provide horticultural pruning, granular and injection fertilization, and insect and disease treatments. During inspection visits, we check ornamental plants for insects and diseases. Following our Integrated Pest Management practices, we will apply targeted treatments. For trees and shrubs in exposed sites, we offer anti-desiccant spray applications and burlap wrapping to provide added protection throughout the winter.

Granular Fertilization

Springtime application of slow-release granular fertilizer provides essential nutrients to get your landscape plants off to a healthy start as they begin the new growing season.

Injection Fertilization

Deep root injection of organic, sustained-release fertilizer promotes long-term health of your ornamental trees and shrubs. This cost-effective method of pressure fertilization distributes essential nutrients laterally into the root zone. Approximately 1/3 of the soluble fertilizer is available immediately and 2/3 of the soluble fertilizer is slowly released over 2 growing seasons to promote sustained growth.

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