Smart system design is the first step in keeping your lawn and landscape healthy. As landscape professionals, Morin’s provides value not available from other irrigation companies.

We apply our horticultural expertise, knowledge of soil types, drainage requirements, and the water demands of lawn and planting areas that enable us to design and install the optimum watering system for your site. Every ECO-SMART irrigation system is carefully planned to minimize run off and limit waste by avoiding watering of driveways and non-landscaped areas.

Every ECO-SMART Irrigation System is:

  • Designed specifically for your site conditions and the unique watering requirements of your lawn and landscape, including slope, sun and shade exposures.
  • Based on your water source, water pressure, and flow rate.
  • Installed using the right types of sprinkler heads, positioned accurately to ensure full, head-to-head coverage.
  • Calculated according to the laws of water hydraulics to include the appropriate number and types of watering zones.
  • Programmed to provide precisely-timed, balanced precipitation using the appropriate type of controller for your system configuration.
  • Built with quality components with a proven record of trouble-free operation.


Quality and Value

We provide only safety-compliant installation, including conduit-encased wiring, backflow prevention, and neatly constructed valve manifolds. Our products and workmanship are warrantied for two years from time of installation

We don't cut corners. The correct number and types of irrigation heads are precisely placed to ensure total area coverage. To avoid dry sections closest to sprinkler heads, watering patterns are set up to provide critical overlapping head-to-head coverage.

Less conscientious installers may reduce the number of irrigation heads to lower your up-front cost. You won't see problems caused by inadequate coverage at first, but you and your landscape will pay the price later with dry spots, parched plants, costly correction, and unnecessary maintenance.

Responsive Professional Service

Our expert technicians ensure that your irrigation system is activated and tested each spring to operate properly throughout the growing season and winterized each fall to prevent damage from freezing. Service calls for adjustments and/or repairs are handled quickly. To simplify seasonal service, we contact you at the appropriate time each year to remind you to schedule activation and winterization of your irrigation system.

Before choosing your irrigation company, learn which Important Questions to Ask.

Winterization Warranty

Morin's Landscaping guarantees your satisfaction. If Morin's Landscaping performs your winterization prior to the arrival of freezing temperatures and freeze damage occurs in your irrigation system over the winter, we will investigate and repair, at our cost, any damage to your system that results from faulty workmanship by Morin's.

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking."
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